Trade Saver

Saving money on trade insurance.

Insurance is a cost that most self-employed tradies will face each year.

How can you save money on your insurance?

Here are our top tips:

Shop Around

Not all trade insurance companies are the same! Many of them offer different rates and levels of cover, so shopping around is important to grab a good deal.

And remember don't just go for the very cheapest deal. You need to make sure that you're going to be looked after, especially in the event of a claim.

Check Reviews and Ratings

A great way to see how good the insurance provider is to check websites that provide reviews and ratings.

For example you can see a heap of tradies insurance reviews on the Feefo website.

By having a large amount of very positive reviews, you can be assured that the company is one that looks after tradies well.

If a company has a cheap price, but a lot of negative ratings, then you should probably avoid them.

Our Pick

For tradies insurance we suggest Trade Risk. They provide well priced public liability and tool insurance, backed by great customer service.

They can help you out with a special deal if you combine a range of covers such as public liability, tool insurance and income protection.